Are you ready to master the email writing strategy that will turn subscribers into buyers
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Profitable Email Plan is the system to generate income
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Imagine sending emails that connect with your subscribers, so they click
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You have been told that the secret to making money online is through your list.

The problem is you've got a list that makes you nothing.

Everywhere you look, it seems the experts tell you to collect emails so you can sell to them. But, when you type your emails, they feel sleazy, unnatural, and forced.

Even worse, no one buys from you. Ever. They don't even click on the links you share.

You have no idea what to even write about. Or, you are dropping a link to your latest blog post and hitting the send button.

That doesn't work.

You know it. But you have no idea what to do or where to start.

You see others who send expertly crafted emails and wonder what they know that you don't.

Imagine how great it would be to have someone share proven strategies to get more clicks and conversions to put more money in your pocket!

You need the


Profitable Email Plan is the system to generate income
from every email you send!

Here's everything you'll get with Profitable Email Plan:

  • A Downloadable guide to know what to say and how to say it.
  • Newsletter Planner plan and know what to include in every email.
  • What to avoid so you don't send emails that flop.
  • Email examples for inspiration and ideas on how to craft the perfect email.
  • Subject Line Ideas readers can't help but click.
  • Irresistible Email Power Words that will increase your open rates.

Marie T. "I already have 6 newsletters planned!!"

"Tracie has done it again!

Everything you get from her is gold. I just finished reading her latest book on email marketing, and I must say it contains plenty of amazing details for bloggers looking to make money using their email list.

I started my list building last year, but I was unsure how to monetize it for profit the right way. I say I already have 6 newsletters already planned out."


Let's take a look at how you can increase your income!


The guide is divided into chapters with a clickable Table of Contents to get you to the section you need to read.

  • Learn the mistakes you need to avoid making in your emails
  • How to source email ideas
  • Find the section you need (when you need it)


Follow my simple strategy for knowing what to send and when!

  • Turn your subscribers into stark-raving fans
  • Have readers ready to click on every email
  • Establish trust and authority each time you hit the send button


Know exactly what to say in the emails you send

  • Sample email styles
  • Easy to create
  • Multiple ideas and options

Get the Profitable Email Plan and turn your emails into money!!


"I've looked at a ton of ebooks and I've taken several courses on email marketing. Either, they didn't give me enough guidance or they gave me a word-for-word template that I felt I had to follow even though it wasn't me. Tracie does a perfect job of combining the two.

This ebook is truly unique and perfect for any beginner or intermediate blogger. It guides you to write your own perfect emails in your own voice. Thank you, Tracie!!"

The Profitable Email Plan not only tells you what to do -- but shows you how to do it!

You have tried the courses, but they don't ever tell you how to say or to sell. They just don't.

It feels as if these creators expect you to know what you want to talk about.

The truth? You don't.

Collecting email addresses is one thing but getting that list to make you money is something entirely different.

The reality is, writing emails is tough. It is tougher than anyone ever tells you it will be.

Imagine finally being able to:

  • Have a bank of email topic ideas ready to use.
  • Know what to say in every single email you send to your list.
  • Write your emails with confidence.
  • Create catchy headlines that will make subscribers click to open.
  • Put together the emails that will get your readers clicking on your links.
  • Increase your income from your list.

Profitable Emails is the tool you need to help you
turn your email list from a collection of na
into a successful marketing strategy.


"The Profitable Email Plan is a great resource for learning what to write to the subscribers on your list. Tracie focuses on the Trust Factor to teach your people how to know, like, and trust you.

You'll learn where to get your Email Inspiration and create the Perfect Email to sell to your list without selling.

With plenty of examples, this ebook is clear and concise. Even after 3 years of blogging, there's always room for improvement. I found simple tweaks for perfecting my email marketing plan!!"

Hi, I'm Tracie and I love seeing bloggers
make BIG MONEY from their list!!

Hi, there. I'm Tracie!

I’m the creator behind The Profitable Email Plan. I started my first blog in January 2009. But, I was clueless. I still remember creating my site that January evening. I sat down and Googled “how to start a blog.”

I used email for years because I read how much money bloggers made through their lists. I jumped in and collected email addresses, and started sending regular newsletters. I sat back, waiting for the money to roll in.

But it didn't. It was a desert. No one clicked a thing.

I took a good long look at my emails and realized why it didn't work. They...well....they were awful. They didn't not only not help my reader, but they read like an ad.

I designed my emails and the process of coming up with what to say. And, low and worked! Before I realized it, I started getting clicks and conversions on every email I sent!!

As I said, I couldn't find the resources I needed. I had to teach myself what to do (and not to do). My goal is to provide every blogger with affordable access to the tools and products they need.

I want to show you how you, too, can
increase the profits from your email!

The Profitable Email Plan
picks up where courses leave off.

It is divided into three, easy to read modules.

Know what to say in your emails -- and what you should avoid.

Inspiration and ideas, so you know what to write about - every single time.

Create the perfect email to sell to your list without being salesy.


"If you are like me, you are scared and intimidated by the thought of writing and sending emails to your subscribers; then you need this "Profitable Email Plan."

Tracie walks you through the steps you need to take to send click-worthy emails and ideas on how to get your readers hooked and engaged. She gives you so many useful and unique tips that I have not seen anywhere else.

This ebook has given me the confidence I need to start writing!!"

Who doesn't love bonuses!?!

Oh yeah! This offer is even better as you get
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Plan every email you want to send so you don't forget any important details

  • Easy-to-use PDF format
  • Print or fill out electronically
  • Reuse again and again (saving you time and money)
  • $17 value


Get newsletter ideas and subject lines that get the click

  • Ideas that work for any niche
  • More than 1 year's worth of email ideas
  • Improves your email open-rate
  • $17 value


Learn the secret words and phrases for your emails

  • Power words that engage readers
  • Phrases that can keep you out of the spam filter
  • Encourage higher clicks and opens
  • $17 value

Here's what other happy customers are saying!


"I’ve been blogging for four months now, and I was pretty afraid to start building my email list because I wasn’t sure what to write about in my emails. Now, after reading Tracie’s book, I can not wait to get started!

I’ve taken quite a few free courses about email marketing, but none of them have taught me the way Tracie’s book has. There’s a reason why people tell you to invest in blogging and not rely on free courses. Tracie’s book proves very well that if you’re willing to pay, you’ll get information that can’t be found elsewhere.

People tell you that your money is in the list, but no one tells you how to really make money from it. That’s why I also appreciate that she gives us very specific examples of how to make money without being too salesy (because that might throw people off, and that's not what we want)."


"I absolutely loved reading this book. There is so much more about email marketing that I had no idea about, and Tracie has put it together very effectively and efficiently. What I loved most is that she gave some practical examples to help you understand individual points. It also includes many wonderful tips and tricks about effective email marketing strategies."


"I’ve avoided email for so long. With this, it helped me realize that email isn’t as scary as we all think! Great advice for email marketing and easy to implement!"


"Finally, a guide that explains what we all need to know, i.e., what and how to say in our emails in order to gain money! And that while providing value to our audience!

This Email Plan is very well structured and goes straight to the point. I loved the 3:1 ratio (it was an eye-opener for me)!!

I now understand what was missing from all the other resources I was reading about email marketing. It was all about theory! Whereas this guide gives you the theory AND the practice through Tracie's real examples.

If you're busy but still want to educate yourself and learn what and how to write in your emails to create revenue, click the button and purchase this guide! You'll not be disappointed."


"WOW! Great, practical tips and samples of how to do email marketing the RIGHT way.

This book is jam-packed with solid advice! Many people (myself included) don't get email and have no clue what to say or how to say it to get the clicks and the sales. And most "gurus" don't teach that either. They just tell you the money is in the list. That may be true, but HOW do you get the money out of the list?

I wish I had this book when I got started. Now I can finally design a profitable email plan and start making money off my emails. This is a must-have if you want to make money from your email list. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to be an effective (and profitable) email marketer."

Get INSTANT Access to Profitable Email Plan!


I've got A's for your Q's

How much does it cost?

It is a one-time investment of $37.  

How is the product delivered?

It is an eBook. You can download and read it on your computer or device.

Who is this for?

It is written for both beginners and experts. Whether you have a list or not, you need to know what to say so you can sell time and again.  

What if I don't have a list yet? Can I use this?

While it is best to have a list of subscribers, it is not necessary. The book will not help you build your list but rather ensure your list makes you money.  

What if there are updates?

You get lifetime access to the book! That means if there is an update, you will get it right in your inbox.  

What is the refund policy?

The book is sent to you digitally immediately after your purchase. There is no way for it to be returned.

For that reason, there are no refunds offered. 

Stop sending emails that aren't effective.

Learn how to connect with your list and turn it into an income-generating tool!!!

One more time, here's EVERYTHING you get when you purchase Profitable Email Plan!!

  • Profitable Email Plan Guide - $47 value
  • Sample Emails - $37 Value
  • BONUS #1: Email Power Words - $17 Value
  • BONUS #2: 100+ Email Subject Lines - $17 value
  • BONUS #3: Newsletter Planner - $17 Value

All this for only $37!!!